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Double-line Purifiers

Elimination of H2O and/or O2 from Neutral Gases (Ar/N2/He)

JACOMEX systems have unique technical specifications which ensure long-lasting maintenance of purity with regenerations spaced out over time.

  • Substantial gas savings
  • Automatic regeneration (N2-Ar mix.3-10% H2)
  • Stable purity over time without regeneration or maintenance
  • Automatic pressure regulation without vacuum pump (including in use)
  • Silent operation (noise level <50dB)
Double-line Purifiers
Double-line Purifiers
  • Variable circulation flow: max.120m3/h
  • Capacities: 110L O2- 3000g H2O
  • Avantages: Continuous purification, ready-to-use purification tank

  • Variable circulation flow: max.120m3/h
  • Capacities: >280L O2 – 3000g H2O
  • Avantages: boosted capacities, purification of large volumes, safety for oxygen-highly-sensitive processes

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