TERRA Analiz ve Ölçüm Cihazları Ticaret A.Ş.




As Terra Analysis and Measurement Equipment Trade Co. Inc. we operate in Turkey in the area of sales and technical support of Chemical Analysis and Life Science Instruments since 1994. We always aim to provide reliable, fast and qualified service and to produce creative solutions to the demands of our customers with the support of our expert team who follow the developing technology in the laboratory world and our supplier companies who are the world leaders in their fields.

Global Partners TERRA works with;


Sectoral Range

TERRA is supplying sales and after sales support for below topics through its high quality service support approach.


  • Analytical Instruments
  • Life Science Instruments
  • Microbiologic Identification Instruments
  • Sample Preparation Instruments
  • Consumables and Chemicals for Spectroscopic Analysis
  • Gas Generators

After Sales Support

  • Instrument installations and user trainings
  • Application and Method Development
  • Technical Service and Spare Part Support
  • Periodic Maintenance and Reparation
  • Performing IQ/OQ/PQ Tests & Validation
Areas of Activity

TERRA is serving to application needs in below sectors.

  • Universities and Research Institutions
  • Food and Agriculture Indsutry / Food Contract Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Clinical Laboratories, Hospitals and Health Industry
  • Forensic Medicine and Criminal Laboratories
  • Environmental Testing Laboratories
  • Soil and Plant Testing Laboratories
  • Public Laboratories
  • Petrochemistry and Energy
  • Chemical Industry
  • Textile Industry and Laboratories
  • Mining and Material Industry
  • Paper and Packing Industry
  • Glass and Ceramic Industry
  • Cosmetic Industry
  • Plastic and Polymer Industry
  • Automative Industry

Terra was founded in 1994 as sole sales and service distributor of Varian Inc. instruments in Turkey territory. The founders had an experience and knowhow for about ten years in the business before establishment of Terra. The company has started with its headquarter in Ankara. First regional office was established in Istanbul in the same year to provide fast response to the Marmara Region’s customers’ needs. Second regional home-office was opened in Adana (South region) in 2004. One year later another regional office has established in Izmir. Only Varian products were being marketed during the first years but starting from 1998 other distributorships from PTI, CEM Corporation, Setaram Instrumentation, C-Therm, Bruker Daltonik, VICI DBS, CDR Foodlab, Nanotemper were granted. As a result of increasing number of distributorships and the customer portfolio; Terra started to work with local business partners to shorten the response time to the customer and to cover distant areas effectively.

Sales and service engineers in Terra have attended to the trainings held by manufacturers which Terra represents. The aim of these trainings is to form the best possible sales and service teams for a superior support. Moreover by these trainings, technical employees of Terra have gained valuable business experience to add value to both customers and suppliers.

Today TERRA is serving for all sales and service demands in all different locations in Turkey with fast response and qualified support to ensure high customer satisfaction. With the trust of our customers on us from the very first establishment date and approach as business partners at the same time, makes us proud and look more confident about the future.

Our mission as TERRA is;
Presenting reliable service, establishing sales activities for highly qualified instruments, supplying fast service support, presenting creative solutions for requests and conduct customer satisfaction through customer oriented work.

Our Target through this satisfaction is;
To carry our activities forward all together with a sustainable increase by keeping our service quality at the highest level with the trust of our esteemed partners.
  • Turkish Standards Institution (TSE)- Service Sufficiency Certificate
  • TS EN ISO 9001:2015

Global Partners