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Calisto Thermal Analysis Software

Calisto is designed specifically for Thermal Analysis applications (DSC, TGA, STA, TMA) and Calorimetry, and comprises of two independent parts:

Calisto Acquisition: dedicated to the control of, and data acquisition from, your Setaram instruments.
Calisto Processing: for the treatment and presentation of Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis data, independent of instrument type.

Calisto Thermal Analysis Software
Calisto Thermal Analysis Software

Calisto Acquisition

Calisto Acquisition combines ease-of-use with powerful control of your instrument and includes:

  • Program acquisition procedures
  • Control of one or more of your instruments by PC
  • Saving and monitoring in real time your experimental signals
  • Changing experimental conditions
  • Triggering acquisition from other instruments

Calisto Processing

Calisto Processing includes:

  • Evaluation of heat capacity in continuous or step mode.
  • A catalogue of Cp for typical reference materials that can be implemented with user data.
  • Filing and signal importation and treatment
  • Peak deconvolution / separation
  • Data presentation for maximum flexibility and impact
  • A new, more precise standard for baseline selection / subtraction.
  • The ability to automatically generate a blank signal by extrapolation
  • Export of your graphical data, raw and calculated points
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